Emotional Expression Module

Emotional Expression Module

Emotions are an integral part of life and sometimes even more so for many teachers who can experience a multitude of emotional highs and lows in the course of one day. Sometimes, teachers are told that it is unprofessional to express their emotions, despite the fact that the teaching profession is more often than not laden with emotions. If teachers don’t feel comfortable experiencing and expressing their own emotions, how can we expect them to be positive emotional role models to students?

This is the main idea behind FuelEd’s module on “Emotional Expression,” which we rolled out with YES Prep Southwest staff on February 6, 2013. During this training, teachers uncovered various ways to cope with their own, as well as their students’ challenging emotions. We also explored the range of emotions that they either welcome or “ban” in their students and selves. Most exciting of all was the direct feedback we received from participants about their experience and feelings after the training.

“I thought the discussion about emotional expression was interested and fostered a time of good conversation. The time given for internal reflection with the opportunity to converse with a small group led to a productive conversational environment. I also appreciated the time given to focus on particular students at the end.”

“During action step time, I began thinking about specific kids who resent me and express feelings of being misunderstood and treated unfairly. I’ll be able to use mirroring to help them feel understood!”

“This pushes me to ask my students about their recent apathy or other emotions I see. I think I avoid doing so because I don’t know how to respond but this gives me a way to respond that I think I can try.

We are proud of the growth of our participants and can’t wait to present our next module. Stay tuned for more great feedback and updates on our next module on “Inner Strength” on February 27th, 2013.