Updates from Houston

Updates from Houston

On November 28th, 2012, teachers and administrators at YES Prep Southwest experienced FuelEd’s module on Self Awareness. In a two-hour instructional workshop, participants were are presented with child development research on how early attachment relationships shape behaviors, beliefs, and motives. They then explored their emotional triggers to better understand how their early relationships may be impacting their teaching style.

Most exciting of all however was the direct feedback we received from participants!

  • “The most helpful part of the workshop was identifying how teacher emotions could negatively impact the classroom, and acknowledgment that TEACHERS are in control of the extent to which they allow this to happen.”
  • “It was interesting to explore how similarities in attachment are observed from generation to generation. We recognize the importance of exploring our own attachment with our care givers and using this exploration to see how we can effectively create attachments in our classrooms.”
  • “I learned that it is important to know what you bring into a classroom as a person, and not just what the students bring to the classroom because it shapes your interactions with them.”

Last but not least we thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Harmony Public Schools, Spring Branch Independent School District, Westside High School, and another Yes Prep school, to explore the possibility of adopting our program.

We also have begun to explore the possibilities of partnering with teacher prep programs to bring FuelEd to teachers before they enter the classroom!