The best results could be accomplished by creating training programs in social/emotional learning for teachers. But I don’t know who is offering such programs, or where.

– Dr. Daniel Goleman, Psychologist and Emotional Intelligence Expert

What We Do

FuelEd equips educators and school leaders with the social and emotional competencies necessary to establish relationships in schools. By enhancing educators’ self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and emotional wellbeing, FuelEd works to improve educator retention and quality. After completing FuelEd’s program, educators use the science, skills, and self-awareness of relationships to drive students’ academic, social, and emotional learning.

Why It Matters

Research demonstrates that teacher-student relationships, teacher and administrator collaboration, and teacher-parent interactions all significantly affect educators’ job satisfaction and students’ academic performance. Despite these facts, current teacher education focuses on content knowledge and instructional skills, excluding a critical dimension of effective teaching: the ability to build positive relationships. FuelEd serves as this “missing piece” in educator preparation.

How We're Different

Educators face a variety of challenges daily and need more support than they typically receive. Instructional coaches may be the norm but currently there exists no system for educators to receive emotional support or guidance. FuelEd’s combination of Workshops, Small Groups, and One-on-Ones represent an unprecedented personal development approach to professional development. After all, in order to develop the whole child, we must develop the whole educator.